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EVERY Western government has been infiltrated by unelected satanic psychopaths. It's time to change that.

We're in the fight
of our lives

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Sadly we are at a stage, especially 
here in Australia where this site 
is necessary.

The occult has risen to the top
and the MSM is its mouthpiece.

Evidence is mounting (see the
videos) that COVID is a lethal 
fraud being rolled out by a 
small group of globalists.

500 at the core.

These HAVE to be 
taken out or we 
all go down

Western politicians have been
compromised by the Masons and 
Kazarian Mafia and are now serving
these people instead of us.

7 Billion.

This 'virus' and its 'variants'
that have a 99.95% recovery rate
without treatment has cost 
hundreds of millions of 
livlihoods and millions of 
lives from the experiment.

That is insane and has to stop.

It's 100% criminal and it's
not going to stop until we
stop it.

We not only need to do that,
we need to learn how to do that.

And we will. We have. More and
more people are waking up and
are looking for solutions.

One thing the globalists don't
believe will happen is people
around the world rising as
one and taking back control
of their governments.

They have underestimated 
what ubiquitous real time 
communications and an 
educated, motivated 
public can do. 

Their problem is; if there are
pages like this appearing then
a lot of people have reached
the same conclusion I have.

We, the people, need to act. 

There's little point waiting for 
the police or military heads to 
act because they would have.

Our first appeal is to all the
fine, upstanding people in our
police and security services, 
our medical industry and our 
judicial system to stand up 
against the dark forces 
influencing them.

When it comes to the predatory
class driving this agenda, we 
hope & pray they wake up. 

But to paraphrase Br. Bugnolo; 
"they're all bought."

[continued below]

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Our politicians are complicit in
a number of crimes including 
malfeasance, treason, crimes 
against humanity and democide.

The killing of citizens by its
government is democide. Stalin, 
Mao, etc. Imagine being lumped 
in with them.

So, find like minded neighbours
and discuss arresting them. 
State and federal.

Ignore any media or government 
propaganda suggesting you do
otherwise. They are 

They are bought and paid for
messages from a cabal who,
even now are on the run.

They jumped the shark.

WE have woken up!
(they know it too)

Moderna & Pfizer stock plummeting
on the back of their fraud being
exposed. Fraud means their 
indemnity is null and void.

They all belong in prison.

Folks, picture your world without
these clowns. Two good things can

1. The people causing the
problems can't, so far fewer

2. The world in which we will 
move into and build for our kids
will be full of far more 
opportunities than the
one they have planned.

That is guaranteed.

It's time to:

END the corruption!
END the experiments!
ARREST the criminals!


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The Vic and NSW elections both ended up being rigged. Time's runout

The Future Is Ours To Define

The predator class have always been humanity's greatest threat. Once we fix that problem the world will provide more opportunities than ever before. This section moves away from the doom and gloom and into our potential.
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